Red Lime Stone 3/4" Minus
Red Lime Stone 3/4" or 1-1/2"
Buff Lime Stone 3/4" or 1-1/2"
Buckshot 3/8"
River Rock 1-1/2"
Trap Rock 3/4" or 2"
Purple Quartz 1-1/2"
Granite 1-1/2"
Fill Gravel (Variety of types)(delivery only)
Boulders and Fieldstone  

Wood Products

Dyed Mulches
Brown Mulch
Gold Mulch
Red Mulch
Regular/Natural Mulch
Woodchips (delivery only)


Pulverized dirt (screened)          Used for flower beds and plantings
Fill dirt          Different grades available for all varieties of projects


Valley View  
King Cobra Viper 6" x 20' (1" Round Top)
Paver Edging  

Weed Block Fabric

3'x 50'=150 sq. ft.
3'x 100'=300 sq. ft.
3'x 300'=900 sq. ft.
6'x 300'=1800 sq. ft.

Poly-Plastic Black 6 Mill

6'x100'=600 sq. ft.
10'x 100'=1,000 sq. ft.

StoneScape Retaining Wall Block & Pavers

  • Advance order required
  • Delivery or pick-up available

Shrubs, Evergreens, Trees, and Perennials

  • Advance order required
  • Delivery or pick-up available

Waste Disposal

We accept yard waste: Sod, soil, logs, brush, stumps, leaves, grass, cement and asphalt 

Dumpster: We deliver to you.  You fill it.  We pick it up.  It can be filled with a single type of waste or a variety of materials.